Flogging Molly

Happy March everyone!

I’m excited that it’s March because of celebrating St. Patrick’s day all month long! Being Irish is one of my most favorite thing about life - it’s always so much fun to celebrate my heritage (but I celebrate year round!). At end of last month, I was able to kick off that celebration a little early when Flogging Molly came to town. They started their ‘Life Is Good’ tour at Foxwoods Casino. I debated about going to see them when they came to New England a few years ago but ended up not going. When I saw that Mystic Irish Parade (March 24!!) committee was offering discount code for Flogging Molly, I jumped on it. I had the time of my life! It brought back so many memories for me.

Growing up in an Irish family, my dad was a fan of Flogging Molly so it rubbed off onto me. People always got curious when I said that I liked (insert band or singer name) because of my hearing loss. During my middle and high school years, I would learn the lyrics to any songs so that’s how I knew who I “like”. I never thought to listen to them but I started to in college after realizing that I could feel the bass and vibrations of the music when I went to few concerts. I can’t hear the words while the music is being played.


I don’t go to concerts often so I’m still learning about what it’s like when I do go. I thought Flogging Molly would be playing all new songs from their new release which I haven’t got around to research the lyrics or play them. While I was sitting at the concert feeling the bass and vibrations, I found myself feeling deja vu. I felt a sense of familiarity in the music.

There were couple years during college when I was homesick so I commuted the 2 hours drive every weekend. This is when I would blast any music in the car since I was alone on open and bare highway. Flogging Molly was played the most often.

So sitting there at Flogging Molly concert brought back those memories and I was surprised that i could recognize feeling the bass and vibrations after years! I was able to identify the song ‘Drunken lullabies’ when they played it at the concert.

People were surprised when they saw pictures on my social media of me at Flogging Molly. Probably wondered how is that possible for me? Even through I have my hearing loss, I still enjoy the concert in my own way. On top of feeling the bass and vibrations of the songs, I enjoy the visual aspects of the concerts such as lighting, watching them play on their instruments, etc. I also can feel the excitement of concert-goers. At Flogging Molly, I enjoyed being around so many Irish people who were decked out in newsboys caps, Irish t-shirts, and tweed. It created a fun environment for me.

After going to the Flogging Molly concert, I have an itch to attend more concerts. I’m looking at tickets for the Luke Bryan concert at Gillette Stadium this upcoming June and I hope to see my favorite girl, Carrie Underwood when she visits Boston in October! Will you be there? Let me know!


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